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Celebrating twenty years of PHP

Today is a very special day: we celebrate 20 years since Rasmus Lerdorf announced PHP Tools version 1.0 :) Two decades later, PHP is running 80% of the web and we have built such an amazing community around it.

Presenting Imanee: easy image manipulation in PHP

This post presents Imanee, an image manipulation library for PHP.

PHP Experience 2015 wrap-up

Last weekend I was in São Paulo for the PHP Experience conference. Here is a wrap-up of what happened and some cool pictures of the event :)

OpsFirst: turning ops into a first-class citizen in your development process

We finally have the tools and the processing power to create real isolated environments that can be used seamlessly as day-to-day development envs. Nevertheless, some people still prefer to stick with older methods, for various reasons. Usually, the excuse is that it's a lot of work - having t…

SunshinePHP 2015 wrap-up

Last weekend, the 2015 edition of SunshinePHP conference took place in the sunny Miami, Florida. Two days of awesome talks and great socials, in a most formidable venue. This is a quick wrap-up post about my experience.

PHPBenelux conference 2015

A quick wrap-up post about PHPBenelux conference 2015.