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How to: Arduino Pomodoro Timer - part 1/2

Schematics and code to create your own Pomodoro timer on a breadboard using Arduino

I found Wonderland. Hint: it's in Germany

Using Phansible to provision a remote PHP server

Phansible is an open source project that provides an easy web interface to create Ansible provisionings for PHP based projects. Although the project is more focused on development environments with Vagrant, it's quite easy to configure the downloaded bundle for provisioning any remote servers …

Configuring SSH server access for Ansible

This post is a practical guide on how to configure your SSH server access to use Ansible in the simplest and most efficient way.

Contributing to Open Source: a quick getting started guide

October came with a lot of excitement for open source contributors, as DigitalOcean launched its  #hacktoberfest  giveaway. With less than 1 week, we already saw  people  who are done with the 50 commits challenge, and that is amazing! However, we know that inexperienced de…

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

As you probably already know, I just started working as developer advocate for DigitalOcean. This week I went to my first DrupalCon, also the first conference I'm participating as a sponsor! I had such an amazing time there, meeting awesome people and spreading the word about Digital Ocean <3.