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New challenges ahead

Chances are you already heard the  news : I'm now joining  DigitalOcean  as a Developer Evangelist, working close to the PHP community to help creating amazing things! I'm really excited about this, specially because I never thought I would have such an amazing opportunity one day in…

Configuring a multistage environment with Ansible and Vagrant

Ansible is a powerful and clean tool for automation. This post covers the configuration of a multistaging environment, consisting of one local development environment controlled by Vagrant, and one or more remote servers (staging, production etc) that will be controlled directly by Ansibl…

Creating a Twitter app with Twilex

Quick user guide for Vagrant

Setting up a development machine with Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

What's new on Vagrant 1.5

Vagrant 1.5 was released in March, bringing great new features and a lot of improvements. This post gives you a quick overview on what's new, including a video where I talk about the Vagrant Cloud and Vagrant Share, the two most anticipated new features on 1.5.