Why you, regular developer, should consider moving to a PaaS solution right now

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cartoon_clouds_1So, you just finished your kick-ass web application and it's ready for deploy. If you did it before, you are probably aware of all the headaches a "simple" deploy can bring to you - sometimes things just don't go as expected. And if you are still going to buy a hosting package for your app, you know it will take some time - days - for your environment to be ready for deploy. Is this familiar for you? But this is not the worst part. Lets suppose you bought a cheap hosting (of course, you are just starting in the business!) for your app. Then, suddenly, it starts to grow unexpectedly - your app is a huge success, and you must be super happy, right? Wrong, because your app is offline - your hosting provider thought that it was "stealing" too much memory from the shared server, so they decided to put it offline. What are your options now? Buy more memory, change to another company? Well, I had this experience quite a lot in the last years, and it's not funny at all. I switched from shared to dedicated server, then to another (better) dedicated server (because the one I was using before was getting really too expensive), then to another one, and another one... all these changes were very stressful, and they costed me a lot of money and time. CloudComputingCartoonSince the social networks boom, everybody talks about "the cloud" as a magical solution for everything.  And they even say it's cheaper than dedicated hosting. But my first attempt to get something "in the cloud", with Amazon (3 years ago), was just horrible. I got so confused with the interface and all their product names, and it was really expensive comparing to what I was paying in that time for my dedicated server. I ended up with an "OK" meme face an the idea that these ~things~ are only for companies and really big projects. Now it's 2013 and the PaaS (platform as a service) topic came up again. But now we have more options, new companies and new technologies - wouldn't it be great if you could deploy your application with Git? And what if you could change the whole app (which is, in fact, a website) to a previous commit, right before that demonic bug appeared? This is already a reality with PagodaBox and other new-generation PaaS. The best thing is: you can try it for free. The majority of PaaS offers a starter free "package", so you can try it with no strings attached. Some applications don't need any more resources than what they offer for free - sounds perfect, right? And its REALLY simple to get your application running. That's why I strongly encourage you to try it. When I said "regular developer" at the post title, I was meaning a develop who may think that the cloud is a bit too much for its small to medium projects (this was me yesterday). Even if it's only for learning purposes, or to test your application before deciding how you will make it available. Because this is the future of web servers. I'm using Pagoda Box now with this Wordpress blog, and I have to say that it's amazing. I plan to write a Pagoda Box tutorial in the next days, so if you are interested please come back later =)
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