PHPBenelux conference 2015

A quick wrap-up post about PHPBenelux conference 2015.

Written by Erika Heidi on Tuesday January 27, 2015 - Permalink - Category: Events - Tags: conferences, digitalocean - Lang: eng

The conference season started once again, and PHPBenelux keeps the tradition of kicking off the year in great style. This is a special conference to me, always heard about it back in Brazil and never thought I would be attending one day in my life. 

DigitalOcean prepared something really awesome for the attendees on the Friday social: a surf simulator!

This is the second year I attend - this time I didn't have the pleasure of being a official speaker as last year, but I did my job at the unconference :) You can find the slides of my talk "The Art of Programming" here.


In short, the whole conference was amazing and the organizers did an excellent job, as always.
The wrap-up video speaks for itself:

What other conference in the world closes with a magic show?


To check the photos I took in the event, have a look here.




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