The PHPness riot and the sexism overreaction

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Recently, we had a new riot on the European PHP community. I saw some random tweets and got really curious about what the hell was happening. Supposedly, some organization was spreading sexist material leading to a general uncomfortable feeling from women developers. I've been working surrounded by men for more than 10 years. Frequently,  I was the only girl in the team. I also already suffered some job sexism, like don't being considered for a job application or getting a lower salary only because of my gender. But these are exceptions - I always had a great time with "the guys", because:
  1. I'm used to their world and their habits (aka I don't bother with "man talk" and sometimes I even give my opinion)
  2. I know how to do my job pretty good, and they normally notice this fast
  3. When you are working in a real team, you abstract gender differences, because a good work is what matters
And I came from Brazil. Brazilian men are great, but sometimes they can sound really sexist. I'm used to the jokes, and I really don't care. So, when I heard about this sexist event happening HERE, in Europe, I thought something was clearly wrong. I searched to find the riot origin, and came to this: [caption id="attachment_2134" align="alignleft" width="600"]image source: @webandphp image source: @mrhazell[/caption] This lovely girls are the editors at @webandphp, a free digital publication focusing on PHP and web technologies. They are women and the do a great job. You may have not noticed the joke at the t-shirt: "enhance your phpness". Do you remember that annoying spam email that promised a way to enhance a specific part of a man's body? That's it. You got it. A simple joke, easy as that. When I saw this, I laugh, and I wanted to have one of this t-shirts. It gets even funnier when it's a woman wearing it. So, the final question is: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? It's really weird when there are more men complaining about this than actually women that felt offended by this simple joke. I mean, what if I come with the idea that the really sexism is men thinking: "women developers don't have sense of humor to get the joke, so they will feel offended and we must defend them". I really can't see anything wrong with that shirt. And I think my opinion worths, since I'm a php woman developer for 10 years now. If you got offended someway by this t-shirt, it means you don't have sense of humor, or you are so newbie that you don't know the origin of the joke. I don't know. Just go find something more important to worry about.
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