Vagrant Usage Research

Written by Erika Heidi on Friday January 24, 2014 - Permalink - Lang: eng - Category: Vagrant

From 11 to 14 of January, 720 Vagrant users from different sources (Twitter, IRC and the official Vagrant mailing list) answered a quick form I created to find out how people are using Vagrant. I'm currently in the process of writing a LeanPub book about this tool, and I was really curious especially about the provisioners usage.

First of all, THANKS everybody for the amazing participation - I never got so many retweets before! A special thanks to Mitchell Hashimoto (Vagrant creator) for tweeting about the research, that was of great help.

~AND NOW~ [dramatic pause] I'm glad to present you the results of the Vagrant usage research. I created this simple infographic (pardon my design skills) with the information I found more relevant.


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