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Vagrant Usage Research 2017

In 2014, right before the release of Vagrant Cookbook, I conducted a Vagrant usage research to get more insights on how people were using Vagrant at that time. Three years have passed since then, and I figured it would be interesting to repeat the research and compare the data, see what changed and how Vagrant is being used nowadays.

What I've Learned From a Year of Technical Writing

One year ago I was starting a new position at DigitalOcean as technical writer. I'm now back to software engineering, but my experience as a technical writer was really rewarding. Here's some of what I learned in this period, and a few tips that helped me get better at technical writing.

A Beginner's Guide to Open Source: The Best Advice for Making your First Contribution

I  asked on Twitter  what advice experienced contributors would give to newcomers in open source. This post features some of the best advice people shared specially for you, in a step-by-step process to help you overcome initial barriers and feel confident about your first contribution.

The Real Benefits of Engaging in Open Source

Open source software is everywhere, powering applications and gadgets of all sizes, all over the world. If you work with technology, and specially, if you are a programmer, you are certainly using a wide range of open source software on a daily basis. You probably used Github before to check out some code or to find out how to use a certain library / API. But have you ever asked yourself why so m…

Is your Open Source Project Welcoming to New Contributors?

How can a project maintainer help newcomers feel more comfortable and confident about making their first contribution? This post has a few protips for making your open source project a welcoming and safe environment for newbies.

Celebrating twenty years of PHP

Today is a very special day: we celebrate 20 years since Rasmus Lerdorf announced PHP Tools version 1.0 :) Two decades later, PHP is running 80% of the web and we have built such an amazing community around it.

Presenting Imanee: easy image manipulation in PHP

This post presents Imanee, an image manipulation library for PHP.

PHP Experience 2015 wrap-up

Last weekend I was in São Paulo for the PHP Experience conference. Here is a wrap-up of what happened and some cool pictures of the event :)

OpsFirst: turning ops into a first-class citizen in your development process

We finally have the tools and the processing power to create real isolated environments that can be used seamlessly as day-to-day development envs. Nevertheless, some people still prefer to stick with older methods, for various reasons. Usually, the excuse is that it's a lot of work - having to setup and automate an environment (a VM for instance) just to start developing the applicatio…

SunshinePHP 2015 wrap-up

Last weekend, the 2015 edition of SunshinePHP conference took place in the sunny Miami, Florida. Two days of awesome talks and great socials, in a most formidable venue. This is a quick wrap-up post about my experience.

PHPBenelux conference 2015

A quick wrap-up post about PHPBenelux conference 2015.

How to: Arduino Pomodoro Timer - part 1/2

Schematics and code to create your own Pomodoro timer on a breadboard using Arduino

I found Wonderland. Hint: it's in Germany

Using Phansible to provision a remote PHP server

Phansible is an open source project that provides an easy web interface to create Ansible provisionings for PHP based projects. Although the project is more focused on development environments with Vagrant, it's quite easy to configure the downloaded bundle for provisioning any remote servers that you control. All it takes, besides making sure you have a proper SSH connection to those server…

Configuring SSH server access for Ansible

This post is a practical guide on how to configure your SSH server access to use Ansible in the simplest and most efficient way.

Contributing to Open Source: a quick getting started guide

October came with a lot of excitement for open source contributors, as DigitalOcean launched its  #hacktoberfest  giveaway. With less than 1 week, we already saw  people  who are done with the 50 commits challenge, and that is amazing! However, we know that inexperienced developers might feel intimidated by the idea of contributing, for several different reasons. This qui…

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

As you probably already know, I just started working as developer advocate for DigitalOcean. This week I went to my first DrupalCon, also the first conference I'm participating as a sponsor! I had such an amazing time there, meeting awesome people and spreading the word about Digital Ocean <3.

New challenges ahead

Chances are you already heard the  news : I'm now joining  DigitalOcean  as a Developer Evangelist, working close to the PHP community to help creating amazing things! I'm really excited about this, specially because I never thought I would have such an amazing opportunity one day in my life. This post tells a brief story about how I got where I am right now, just to put things in …

Configuring a multistage environment with Ansible and Vagrant

Ansible is a powerful and clean tool for automation. This post covers the configuration of a multistaging environment, consisting of one local development environment controlled by Vagrant, and one or more remote servers (staging, production etc) that will be controlled directly by Ansible, reusing a pre-existent development environment provisioning.  

Creating a Twitter app with Twilex

Quick user guide for Vagrant

Setting up a development machine with Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)

What's new on Vagrant 1.5

Vagrant 1.5 was released in March, bringing great new features and a lot of improvements. This post gives you a quick overview on what's new, including a video where I talk about the Vagrant Cloud and Vagrant Share, the two most anticipated new features on 1.5.

Vagrant Usage Research

Underground, Hacktivism and Resistance - the CCC Experience (30C3)

One year in Amsterdam - changes, friendship and a special thanks to the PHP community

Productivity and The Pomodoro Technique

Setting an optimized $5 droplet on Digital Ocean - Ubuntu Nginx Php5-fpm

Optimizing Symfony applications on Vagrant boxes

A beginners guide to Vagrant and Puppet, part 3 - facts, conditionals and modules

A beginners guide to Vagrant, part 2 - Provisioning and Puppet

A beginners guide to Vagrant - getting your portable development environment, part 1

A simple Twig truncate filter - Silex

Vagrant 101 - montando seu ambiente de desenvolvimento portátil, parte 1

Nginx PHP5-fpm - instalação passo a passo

DjangoCon Europe 2016

Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend DjangoCon Europe , in Budapest. I never actually had contact with Python or Django, however, I was invited to be one of the keynote speakers this year.

The Dutch Conference 2013 (DPC)

Setting up a complete PHP development environment on ubuntu 12.04+

Silex and Localization (i18n/L10n): TranslationServiceProvider

The PHPness riot and the sexism overreaction

Why you, regular developer, should consider moving to a PaaS solution right now

How to fix ubuntu apt-get connection problems

Getting started with Silex - the php micro framework based on Symfony 2

Solving VirtualBox problem in Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10